The Emotional Stages of Moving to a New City

hello new life image.png

1. The Dream Stage. 

Everything is perfect. The wind is in your hair and you envision yourself living that _*insert city here*_ dream life you've always wanted to live. The people you'll meet. The things you'll do. This is the easiest phase of any goal: You're free to envision anything you want, no work has been done yet, and the internet fuels whatever image you have in your head.

2. The Logistics Stage.

You want that apartment with the floor to ceiling windows but your budget says the one you need is the one where you'll be walking three blocks to a Laundromat and street parking. You thank Google Maps for helping you set up your potential daily route, and  you spend your morning and evenings calculating the traffic times in your new city.

3. The Intimidation Stage.

This is when you get closer to your move date and "sh*t gets real." Insecurities start seeping out like grease. You land the job, you buy the plane ticket, and then all of a sudden: Omg I have to loose weight! Omg my wardrobe is not up to par! Will I be good at this job? Will the people like me? Will I like them?? How am I going to manage those rude ones?

4. Arriving.

Here it is. Where Dream and Reality collide. Your expectations are met, your expectations are let down. The picture you painted in your head slowly fades as the life you actually live takes it place.

5. Living It.

Is it better? Is it worse? This is all up to you…are you present?

6. Leaving It. 

Maybe you leave with an attitude of "good riddance." Or maybe you leave with bittersweetness as new adventure unfolds but the impressions made on your heart let you know you will miss these people, these places, this city. Either way, as time and distance create space between you and your town, the best and joyous memories become the only important ones.