Blink Blink...There It Goes


Obviously I'm participating in today's online culture. And truly, it's wonderful. We all know this. But sometimes I find myself slipping to huge amounts of time staring at my phone that are just NAUSEATING

Why can't I do a simple task on the internet without getting entertained?? It's so bad. I crack the laptop to find that file I need, to do a bit of writing, or look up what a word means. My fingers seems to be pulled towards Safari, conditioned from whatever happens in my brain, it goes for that FB tab, goes to those video feeds, and boop! There goes 10 minutes 30 minutes a whole hour.

Let's say I go in check the weather…Where's my weather app? Hmm.. Oh! Look! Instagram! -  there goes 5 hours. What was I going to check again?

Or I'll get entertained by my own crap. My own videos! My own pictures, my own words, my own posts! Entertained. Hours and hours a day just consuming, consuming, consuming, being influenced by the million and billions of pictures and videos and concepts.

Oh my poor psyche.

These mindless binges don't feel good. After a regular Instagram binge, I hit that point where I become aware of what I'm doing… Sh*t. Okay, slowly….gradually…stop…the…scrolling. Not all at once. But wean off. Scroll ….. slower.. slower… then stop….now press the home button. Now blink a few times. Maybe swipe left and right on the app screens. Okay. Turn the phone screen off. Now look away from the screen and project your vision onto the items around you. Refresh your sight with things that are normal, that exist in your reality. Readjust to the light of the room. Okay you got this. Let's take a break. Put the phone down. Okay great. Breathe.. You got this. Ugh… I think it's been days since I drank water. Why does my soul feel like it's been sucked out from the bottom of my stomach?


Now I'm off to study the analytics of my blog, to try to understand your binge habits, so you can spend some of that time here :) See you later!