nyc, show me my weak points

NYC has a way of reaching out and placing a hand exactly where our weak points, our insecurities, and our limits are, making us self-aware and putting us in a place where we are willing to change things we haven't thought about changing - until now.

The dogs. Having dogs in a big city is different from having dogs in a place where they can live on a daily basis without interacting with 1. other dogs, 2. constant bicyclists, 3. constant garbage trucks, construction machines, or other big devices that make loud noises and are scary. NYC has gently said, hey you two, you've gotten this far without molding the behavior of your animals - in fact they have molded yours. Now it's time to enjoy the city - Central Park, all the dog runs, multiple walks around the neighborhood, maybe even doggy boarding a time or two so you can get out of town - with animals that can control their impulses. It will be a pleasure for you and the babes. 

Where to live. When looking at a place in the East Village, we were telling the broker all the things we were looking for -  none of which included the charm and classic characters that is typically found on the streets of the East Village. We told him we were looking for something bigger (I just know it's possible...) something cleaner, something cozier, something lovelier. And he called us sterile. Sterile! I know we're creatures of comfort...but sterile??? We considered this...are we sterile? What is it that we want out of an apartment? Out of our experience here in New York? Out of life??? Later on we checked out an apartment on the Upper East Side that was so quiet, you forgot you were in the city. With no coffee shops or laundry mats or Halal trucks near by. With doormans and way too well-behaved dogs. We turned that one down as it was too...sterile. 

Going out. On that note, historically we haven't been very big late-night people. We enjoy dinner, coffee shops, day trips...and then early bedtime. On nights before work, you'll find us snuggling promptly by 10pm. Days off are commonly spent resting and recovering from the days at work. And yet this time, NYC says, while this practice may have been okay in the past, this place is different. We all have a difficult work schedule. We all have a long commute. And we all enjoy the city together, tired, but happy. Build the stamina - slowly is okay - to conquer the four 12 hours shifts, the commute home, and a treat with your friends at the corner place you've been wanting to try for weeks now. Because time flies faster here than anywhere else, and you may blink and it will have passed you by. 

Mass transit. Why am I not ok with the silence that is found in the morning commutes on the subway? Why do I feel the need to scream - OMG DOES EVERYONE SERIOUSLY NEED TO HAVE HEADPHONES IN RIGHT NOW?? There are at least 100 people in this tiny space, and it's DEAD QUIET. I don't know why, but this is not right! Talk to each other!!! This is so awkward!! 

It's big. It's tough. But it's wonderful. And it makes me proud that we have the ability to adapt to this new way of life and to even enjoy it. 


Mariam YazdinycComment