Ebb and Flow

Nothing (creatively speaking) is coming out of me. 


Should I respect it? Or force it?


For a good solid month and a half, I forgot I had a blog. Writing my thoughts did not enter my mind - not once.


No flash of ideas, no current of words...nothing. I don't know where my genius went, though I have a sneaking suspicion she's fallen asleep in a dark warm cubby-like universe far away, where the pressure of a new city and new environment cannot reach her. Or maybe she got tired of me holing up in coffee shops and the apartment, jealous of all the writing I've done for articles, and has gone sight-seeing around NYC because obviously I wasn't taking her.


It's ok. I'll let her do her thing. I'll let this tide just flow.


This is all I got. Thank you and goodnight! :) 

Mariam Yazdi2 Comments