I took my first hop toward the creative space when I began interning for El Paso's The City Magazine. in between my shifts at the hospital, i answered phones and wrote articles - and it was wonderful. those few months were the beginning of a realization: life is as big as i want it to be, but i must make it so. this blog is me demonstrating that to myself, in one small but powerful way. 

Below you'll find links to other writing projects of mine, including work with The City Magazine, Nurse.Org, and my own blog when Matt and I were living in our VW van.


Have you ever been inspired to do something challenging? Something that will force you to dig deep within yourself and uncover layers of your being that you've never tapped into before? There's millions of ways to get there, and this one was the one for me. Click the pic for the blog I made during those times.


Scroll to page 44 to see my interview with one of El Paso's beautiful bride.